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Educational Sites

Dedicated to providing access to a rich selection of entertaining and educational works for children. They have links to hundreds of applets on the Web.
An Education Internet portal which offers students, parents, teachers, and administrators an online "community" surrounded by best-in-class age-appropriate information, educational content, and entertainment.
"Fun and games for playful brains." Brain games, puzzles, and pastimes. Another terrific site for kids.

Games, Puzzles, and Mathematics
Includes a PuzzleMart where visitors can purchase a variety of puzzles and other amusements, a PuzzleClub with a discussion board and newsletter, and, of course, a wide selection of interactive puzzles from across the web, for puzzlers of all ages.

Brain teasers by Barry R. Clarke
Original free brain teasers and recreational mathematics articles from the British puzzles expert and Daily Telegraph (UK) compiler.

Puzzle World
John Rausch's site is dedicated to mechanical puzzles of all types. Includes Nick Baxter's sliding block puzzles, as well as a Java version of Lunar Lockout which I wrote for Binary Arts.
Ed Pegg Jr.'s site is a celebration of math puzzles and Mathematical Recreations.

Java on the Brain
Karl Hornell's Applet Center has some of the best Java games I've seen anywhere on the Web.

Alexander Bogomolny's site has interesting mathematical information about Peg Solitaire, and about lots of other things too. The page on Reverse Solitaire has a commentary by Leibnitz, of all people.

Javhar's Hex Page
Jack van Rijswijck is the author of QueenBee, one of the strongest Hex programs available. There's also a good collection of Hex links here.

Tower of Hanoi on the Web
The place to start for any and all information on the Tower (or Towers, nobody seems to know which is right).

Fiver in Tcl/Tk
Felipe Voloch has created a version of Fiver which handles much larger boards, which can take the form of a cylinder, torus, or moebius strip. Runs in a browser (with the Tcl plugin) or as a Windows executable. Source code is available.

Combinatorial Game Theory
Lots of links related to the strategies and mathematics of two-player "perfect information" games.

LiveWire Puzzles
This site is dedicated to very intricate wire disentanglement puzzles. Check out the wide variety of puzzle arrangements from this well designed site.


Kasparov Chess
The official site of World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. Probably the single most popular chess site on the web. Includes lessons, tournament coverage, online play, columns, etc.

Chess Corner
Has an excellent tutorial for beginners, as well as an introduction to the main tactical themes.

Chess For Kids
Designed by kids, for kids. A resource for chess players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced tournament players. Includes
basic tutorials, puzzles, an introduction to tournament play, and annotated games.

Official website of the World Chess Federation. Features include news, calendar of events, tournament info, ratings, a playing area, and links catalogue.

Hosts a variety of chess games and a ranking ladder to help you keep track of your progress.

Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day: Like chess? Well, everyday you will find here new free chess problems. Looking for logic puzzles, free chess strategies or tactics? Come on!

Mazes and Labyrinths

Amazing Mazes
A prize-winning 7th grade Science Fair project created by Andrew Bridges, which investigates various strategies for traversing mazes. Excellent project documentation, including the Java source code, is available on the site.

Kaushik Raj has created a very nice rat-in-the-maze game, with a clever twist. The Java source code is available and very well documented.

Falstad's Maze
Real Programmer Paul Falstad creates randomly generated 3-D, first-person scrolling-perspective mazes, using straight Java 1.0. Source code is available.

3D Mazes in Java
Another great maze program, by James L. Dean. The Java source is available as well as a C++ version for Win9x.

Think Labyrinth
Built by fellow maze enthusiast Walter Pullen, this site includes an interactive maze program, information on creating and solving mazes, a gallery of computer mazes, pictures of life-size mazes, and many links.

Adrian Fisher Maze Design
The home page of Adrian Fisher, a professional maze designer.

Morrison Maze Prints
Solvable modern art. All signed and numbered prints come with certificates. Only one is released a year, due to the intensive detail they have.