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Daily Chess Problem

Use the mouse to move the pieces for both sides. The Move List will record your moves, up to a maximum of 12 moves. If you attempt an illegal move, the piece will return to its original position.

The Hint button will show you the solution, one move at a time. (If you move pieces manually, the Hint button will become disabled.) The Back button will take back moves. You may also back up moves by clicking on a move in the Move List.

The Solution button will show you the problem's complete solution -- remember that many chess problems will have multiple correct solutions.

By default, a pawn will be promoted to a Queen. Use the Pawn Promotion list to select a different piece.

The date box at the bottom can be used to select a problem from the past seven days.

If you're new to chess, visit some of the Chess web sites listed on the Links page for information about the rules of chess, move notation, etc.